My computer for some reason doesnt read empty dvd cd’s but it reads dvd. i dont know what the problem is maybe im missing a soft ware or program or something can anyone help?

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I’m not sure to understand exactly your problem. Blank media can’t be read, because there is nothing in blank discs.

What are you trying to do exactly? What do you mean when you say

empty dvd cd’s

i have a dvd cd thats empty but it wont be read by my com

well a dvd-r accually

when i check the cd drive it says empty
and my cd burner cant read it either

Windows can’t read an empty disc (as Geno pointed out) - if I click on either of my drives with an empty disc in, I get “Incorrect function. G: is not accessible” or words to that effect.

Can burning software (e.g. Nero or Roxio) write to the disc?

If I understand correctly you insert a [B]DVD[/B] disc on a [B]CD[/B] reader?

[B]DVD[/B] discs are different from [B]CD[/B] discs. You need a DVD burner/reader to read DVD discs, but again, blank media are empty, and can’t be read because there is nothing.

for my com if i put a empty cd it tells me that there is a cd inside what do i want to do with it then wen i open my computer and click on dvd/cd drive E it tells me how much space there in it

It asks you what you want to do because XP (I assume you’re using XP) supports CD burning natively.

However, you won’t get asked with a blank DVD because XP doesn’t support DVD burning without the aid of a burning program. :wink:

Do you have installed a software like InCD?

also my computer does read dvd’s but it doesnt notice if theres a blank one inside

no i dont have InCD installed

Ditto :iagree:

so i can rent movies from blockbuster and watch them on my computer but i cant take a empty dvd-r and burn it

yeah i have nero i can even create dvd’s from cd-r’s but cant create dvd’s from dvd-r’s cuz my cd burner wont read them

What drives do you have?

Look in Device Manager for these.

neitehr my com unless there already is a dvd on it

Are you searching for help to burn rented movies? Do you know that this is illegal? And also against forum rules?

heres my com info 330 intel celetron D processor
256 MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory
80 GB 7200RPM Ultra DMA hard drive
CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive 48x32x16x48x max. speed
processor speed 2.66GHz. 256kb
L2 cache, 533MHz Front side Bus

NO im not burning rent movies