DVD Xopy and NEC3500AI will not copy DVD

Keep receiving error when attaempting to copy using DVD Xcopy (good ole version). Just biught this 3500 A for the speed. Previously had Pacific Digital Mach 8 8 X. Fairly new to the copying world. Any help would be greatly appreciated on where I could start. :a

What is the error message that you are receiving? What type of system are you running?

Differing messages.
System is:
P4 - 2.85GHZ
Polaroid CD/RW
NEC3500AI Firmware v. 2.16

i have the 3500 nec and i use xcopy (the orginal studio 3.2.1 with the rip and legal thank you) and i have no problems… You sure its the dvd xcopy with the ripper in it.
Sounds like it is not. what date is the software and what version is it? :confused:

also i see you have xp with sp2!!! Ah maybe sp2 (service pack)is the problem–you might want to also look at this!–hopes this helps!! :iagree: