Dvd xcopy



I have built a new computer asus sli deluxe. xp pro with nec2510 burner. Since I have upgraded my xcopy does not allow me to choose my burner, the selection box does not come up when I click choose device. Any idea would be a big help thanks.


Remove/reload the program. Verify that the NEC is detected in BIOS. XCopy is no longer supported. May be time to move on.


I too thought that 321 Studios was no longer able to be installed, but after reading a few threads about others still using it, I installed in on 2 of my computers again, and it still works. Had no problem with registration at all. It was my first DVD coping program and it worked fine then and still works just as good. I have since found other software that works better/or just as good and it was free. So either way at least I still have what I paid for and I also have another choice as to how I can copy my movies.



If you have a legal copy you will always be able to reinstall and activate it. It is done automatically.I did it just last week after having removed it about 8+ mos ago. But it was never as good as several other progsā€¦it is just an alternate choice that may waor where some other prog fails.