Dvd Xcopy Platinum

I recently purchased dvdxcopy platinum from ebay before they banned it. It was sent in a dvd case with 2 cds. One was the dvd xcopy program, the other was to activate it automatically, without any key codes. It does work, but will not copy newer movies. If I click on the online link, it takes me to a site telling me xcopy is no longer available. Have I been scammed?, and if not,how do I get latest updates?

Go here: http://www.dvdxcopy.com/
Do you have version
It says that a copy that is not genuine will have 2 cd’s, one for the activation.

if you cant get the link then here is the info:

Welcome to the DVDXCOPY website.

DVD X Copy Platinum UPDATE!! Do not buy any DVD X Copy or DVD Copy Software without reading through this important DVD X Copy update. For important updates on activation issues and purchase information on DVD X Copy Software, please click here.

CAUTION: Authentic DVD X Copy software is no longer being sold anywhere. Many websites are selling fake DVD X Copy Software products for $29 and under together with license codes and a separate “activation server update” file or similar “patch” file or CD. These are not authentic DVD X Copy products, but rather cracks that destabilize your computer system and will not function properly. Beware of any sites that continue to sell DVD X Copy Platinum version and that “guarantee” activation. DVD X Copy products purchased from these sites are not authentic, not eligible for support or updates and should be returned for a refund. For information on authentic DVD X Copy software products, click here.

Authentic DVD X Copy software should ONLY require a license ID and password to activate. If you are experiencing operating system failure or other technical issues relating to a DVD X Copy “activation server file”, “patch” or “activation CD”, contact the seller directly for an immediate refund as this indicates a cracked version of the product.

If it doesn’t would i would just get a refund if you can. :sad: