Dvd Xcopy Gold

I have a legal copy of DVD XCOPY GOLD and had a hard drive failure and reinstalled it. I know the company is out of business now but I get the error to many activations have been used. Is there any other way to activate this software. I did a search here and found nothing.

Thanks in advance.

Just use a different piece of software. I know, you paid for it and it sucks that it’s no longer any good. But it really is garbage software. There’s lots of free stuff on here that will do a BETTER job.

some free examples are dvdshrink , fabdvd decrypter, imgburn…I agree you paid for the software, you liked it…you want to use it…but it is crap software compared to even the free alternatives I mentioned…:slight_smile:

And if you want to buy software and not use the freeware alternatives (which are usually very good…) try Clone DVD.

Thanks, I will take your advice. I just need to copy some dvd’s once in awhile.