I use this prog to make my S-VCD's, i allways encode them with subtitle on, but when i want to watch them on my tele, my subtitles or shaking, and my screen a little bit too. By what is this caused ?


Hi there, I did the same thing as you, ripped a movie and then added subtitles for a friend so she could understand the movie. Got the same result, however when I ripped the same movie without subtitles it was excellent. Guess it must be a limitation with the program, but hey it’s a great piece of freeware and easy to use.

chrome ;0)

You could try TMPgenc to do the same job


Hey MATTEL, Long time no see :smiley: About svcd’s just use DVD2SVCD in combination with CCE, works perfect for me.



hehe ;p

i kno how to work with dvd x dunno bout the other progs :confused: :smiley:



I can’t help you with DVDx, but the program i’m talking about is soooo easy to use, you have to configure it just one time and everything goes by itself.

Check here for a tutorial in dutch.