Dvd x platinum not enough for backing up more recent movies?

hi everyone this is my first post here. I have been copying discs for about a year, but am still a newbie. Help the only program I can understand is dvd x platinum. It works pretty well on most discs, but lately on newer movies I get data errors, and can not copy like on the movie :Hitch: and others. Please don;t tell me to throw these program away. It cost me a small fortune. Any simple ideas out there? I am.confused. Please help! Newbie in N.Y.

dvd x platinum is now too old to handle latest copy protections. you will need a combination of anydvd, dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. possibly magic dvd ripper as well

Sorry to tell you but you were robbed. DVD X Crappy was the worst piece of software ever devised, even when they WERE supporting it. The company was sued out of existence a long time ago.

Your only alternative now is to learn to use other programs… and sadly, the free ones have ALSO been sued.

DVD Decrypter will work for MOST movies, but for those it won’t you are stuck with either AnyDVD (costs money) or DVDFab Decrypter (a new ripper).

The latest DVDFab Decrypter is required to rip Hitch, give it a go!