DVD X Platinum - CSS decryptor

Please help !! Have recently downloaded DVD X Platinum to backup my extensive persoanl DVD collection, however each decryptor I’ve used doesn’t seen to work (Tried DVD 43 / 123 copy dvd update / DVD Region free 59) I constantly get the ‘this is css encrypted message…’ Can anyone help - particularly with a freeware solution? Thanks

DVDShrink 3.2 does the job IMO, I’ve only had it choke on one DVD because of copy-protection (“The Descent”, R2). It’s free, but is no longer updated. DVD Decrypter is another, also free, but no longer updated.

Give them a go! :slight_smile:

Thanks - tried the DVD shrink, and it crashed my PC !!! Really just looking for soemthing to support the software I bought - DVD X Platinum. Cheers