DVD X Copy



I’ve been using DVD X Copy and having no problems at all…
Really wonderful software! I was trying to backup my copy
of the movie Spanglish, a Sony/Columbia release. Wasn’t
able to complete the burn. Any advice or suggestions on
how to make a backup would be greatly appreciated.


dvdxcopy is now no more and wont be updated to backup anything new.
I would recommend dvd decryptor\dvdshrink or anydvd\clonedvd…


Almost certainly because it uses Sony’s new ARcoSS protection.

Follow madmax’s advice or if you want a one click solution similar to Dvd X Copy, try Dvd Fab.


This is quit funny to hear. I just got this flick a couple days ago, couldn’t get anything to rip it. And philamber is 100% correct, They have that new protection out that they spent so much money on and its total crap, when will they learn, there are always ways around things. Back on track…get AnyDvD’s newest version, install…reboot…and rip that bitch :slight_smile: worked like a charm for me


Agree; get AnyDVD 21 day trial version from slysoft.com, works with anything. If you like it, buy. If you have the jing, get CloneDVD2 with it, never had a movie they wouldn’t backup and I’ve done hundreds.



Nice thing about AnyDVD - and little known fact - when you purchase it for the $39 - you are good to go for as long as they are in business (hopefully a long time) - also you can bundle CloneDVD2 with it at only $20 more - if you buy both at the same time-

Happy Burnin’



As mentioned by the others, DVD X Crappy is a dead and worthless program. Plenty of better options out there.


There is a freeware application you can download that runs in the background like AnyDVD called “DVD43” that may assist you in your quest. Google it.

Regards :slight_smile:


Thanks very much to all! You’ve been more help than you know… PaigeDog