I am just reading a magazine and i saw a advertizment for this. It says that it can copy any dvd movie to a “single” dvd disk without deleting or removing anything making a exact copy?

anyone use this yet? I’ll do some more research and report back…


just read this…

There is one important difference between DVD X Copy and DVD X Copy Express. DVD X Copy Express does not create a full backup of an entire DVD. Rather, it is meant specifically to allow you to convert the movie (and only the movie) with your choice from the available soundtracks on the DVD to a single DVD-R. No menus; no special features; no alternate audio tracks; just the movie.

Call it a “partial backup” - but it backs up obviously the most important part of the DVD.

now i am going to DL this baby and see whats the dealy…


You can copy all disk features with DVD X Copy Express 3.2, btw I don’t like that software, but that is just my opinion

i dont mind it …I have used it in past …but i love dvd shrink and nero to do backups …any other nero soemtimes dont do it right …

just my two cents and yes I have dvd x copy express 3.0.2

just wondering what dont ya like about dvd x copy express …curiousity

I dislike the FBI style Back Up Warning screen you get at the beginning of all movies backed up with Xpress. Does anyone know how to remove it?

here ya go …it takes it out good …


if you dont wanna go threw all that just use dvd shrink 3.0 beta 5 and nero …or dvd shrink and copy2dvd … just some programs to use … i like dvd shrink and nero …cause that version works for me …

just some thoughts …


I used the dvdshrink/nero combo once but I wasn’t very satisfied with the quality.

I’ve tried both Shrink/Nero and Shrink/CopyToDVD and can’t see any obvious quality difference. But CopyToDVD is far more easier to use and slightly faster too. The quality is of course worse than the original due to compression but I don’t mind this. Still looks perfect to me.

hi rob,
i have a copy of x-copy and x-copy express.i use the express the most and yes it does great though i have ran across a couple of movies that it wouldnt copy.you can make a copy of an original but not a copy of a copy.
hope this helps,

Originally posted by arkansas-dave
… you can make a copy of an original but not a copy of a copy.
hope this helps,

The Copy Generation Management System (CGMS) may cause this. CGMS either: (a) prevents recording in DVD devices that correctly read CGMS data, or (b) allows one generation of copies to be made.

well just wanted to put this up here …new utitlity that i find good paired with dvd x copy is dvd43 … it is great …it works on helping back up your dvds … it takes protections out and region … just incase you have a regioned drive and some of the protections i found that dvd x copy dont like to get rid of …here is the link …


works very well … i found you can make a copy of copy i have used dvd shrink after dvd x copy or dvddecyrpter and made a copy … on some copy of copies …just thought i would put that in …