Dvd x copy will not work on resident evil



I placed resident evil into dvd burner after starting dvd x express. I started and 6 seconds into burning, the program stopped. I then tried the disk in dvd x copy patinium but this also stoped. I know sony came out with their new decoder. How can I get around this. I bought the program dvd x before it was yanked off the shelves at best buy. I placed anytime dvd downloaded however, I do not know how to use it. Do I use it with dvd x copy or what. Any ideas or is dvd x copy going to be left in the dust by this new program by sony. help :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


Anydvd4411 newest beta with elby clone dvd will copy this dvd. Both can be found at slysoft.com.


Thank You for the reply. However, being new to this type of device, how or what steps do I take to eradicate my current situation. I am used to turning on dvd-copy express, placing dvd in the burner, letting it burn for 20 minutes then writing it on blank 4.7 media at 4x. Could you go through the steps with Anydvd4411 I have downloaded this and have the red fox icon, . Do I place the elby clone similar to dvd-x copy or can I use DVD X with The Red Fox. I thank You in advance for helping someone over 40 with little knowledge of this subject.


download Dvd Shrink and dvd decryptor and use those they are free and can be downloaded at http://doom9.org these work just as good as the programs you pay for but there are also benifits to the others as well

Look here it will tell you what you need to know



Here is a better link



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[li]Download the Beta for ANYDVD (see the quoted post below)
[/li][li]Use DVD Shrink to encode it. (download it, it’s free)[/ol]
This is what I did and it worked perfectly.


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Yes I have seen all the postings about resident evil/ and I too finally succumbed to using pro copy(which did work).I also ran across similiar problems with (2 brothers) also universal, and law and order the second season (also universal). First let me tell you what I came across. When I analyized law and order,it ran fine, however when it went to encode it , I kept getting a copy protect error on each side of the 3 double sided disks I put in. Law and order put 4 episodes on each side. After only selecting episode 1 and 2 it encoded fine. I then went and set up for selecting episodes 3 and 4. Lo and behold at the beginning of each 3rd episode it gave me the copy protection error. I then went into the compression and selected 3 and 4 where I started 3 right after the show monogram begins. It then encoded the shows (3 and 4 ) with no problems. It seems the copy protection was @ the beginning of three. When I went to do 2 brothers it copy protected error at chapter 3 (watched while it was encoding) I skipped around that part and made part 1 start at the beginning of the movie and end @ chapter 2 , then I skipped a few frames and started again into chapter 3 past the copy protection. All went fine until chapter 17 where a second copy protection came up. This is where I left off and hope some of the god’s of shrink might use this info to help us laymen out.


bill1996: Try ANYDVD it works real well. I am a believer after RE 2. Use the link I posted above. U get a 21 day free trial. It works with your current encoding program you have, by running in the background. I use DVD Shrink. Let us know how it works out.