Dvd x copy vs one click



I know dvd x copy has been band from retail but one click is available but Iam wondering which is better. And why isn’t one click being band as well. And the eternal question which is better. Also was x copy band for ripping the dvd is such good quality that, that is the reason why is now availble with no decrypter. Also is there any where that there still selling it with the decryptor


elby CloneDVD2! :smiley:

It does not copy copy protected movies. You can use AnyDVD to make it work with protected movies. Same for CloneDVD2, but you can get a great bundle offer at http://www.slysoft.com


i have dvd x copy (banned version) , it is ok, and besides you cant get any updates that i know of. i also have 1 click dvd that i use on conjuction with anydvd decrypter which works absolutely fantastic. with 1 click dvd you can also put on your hard drive as well as the standard way. anydvd works great with 1 clickdvd because they work together on the fly. i have used in the past dvd decrypter,dvd fab decrypter, shrink dvd and they were good in their time. the $29-39 is well worth spending for anydvd as well as the $59 for 1click dvd .


You’re better off with $49-59 for AnyDVD & elby CloneDVD2 bundle.


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If you’re looking to purchase a program, I would recommend CloneDVD. Since it is still in production, you will receive updates. You will need AnyDVD also.

With DVDXCopy (ripper or no ripper) you can use AnyDVD along with it. But, why purchase a dead program.

I have not used OneClick. Mainly because I am more than happy with CloneDVD.

As for one not being banned: One reason most companies are able to sell their product is because they are in a different country. A country that does not control the sales of a ‘DVD decoder.’ DVD X Copy was in the US, and was possibly the most mainstream DVD copy program. Also, there were questions about it activating Macrovision without a license.


Anydvd, Clonedvd2, DVD Drvrypter and shrink any of these 2 or 3 would help u slove ur problems.


Unless of course you WANT shit smeared on your face. In which case by all means stick with DVD X Copy.


no it doesnt it depends on its quality and etc, i never hadn that problem.


SARCASM. I’m using sarcasm.

DVD X Copy was, at best, a mediocre program. That was when it was supported and updated. Since it hasn’t had an update in about 2 years… why even consider using it?


Not even that, it was just all hype, no substance and overpriced. 321 Studios only seeked ways to make a quick buck. And they succeeded to fool a lot people.


Well, it FUNCTIONED. It did work as advertised… well, it worked. Mostly. I made a couple discs with it way back when.


Hmm, XCopy or OneClick, which to choose. Nope, neither one. :stuck_out_tongue:


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So what do all you Wise ones recomend??? cough cough


DVDShrink for the n00b. DVD Decrypter+DVD ReBuilder+CCE SP 2.50 for more experianced users.


AnyDVD & CloneDVD.


Any program which doesn’t smell like the feces of domestic animals.


Gurm, okay we get the message that you don’t like these programs. Please leave it at that. If you want to post, then let’s make it beneficial to the threads topic.