Dvd x copy platinum?

does this program really remove the copy protection on my original dvd so i can burn it to a back up and is it a good program before i buy it

There is no support for X Copy so forget that, as for anydvd yes it is a good program to use and well worth the money.

As far as I know this program is outdated _I think they lost a lawsuit and I would not buy their software. You can try anydvd and clonedvd from slysoft.com . They have a 21 day trial and that gives you time to use them and see they do backup dvds. Good luck. Also there are a few free programs like dvd decripter and dvd shrink which somepeople use.

inst dvd shrink out of date to???

if you use anydvd to decrypt then dvd shrink is still a great transcoder.

(just making sure you know you posted this in the anydvd forum…)

There is a new version of dvdshrink,, with no support for ripping copy-protected dvd’s included, not sure if there were any other changes.

re DVD-S
it is the same engine sans copy-protection removal

yes, zaq.

Here is a link to that In this message there is also a change to allow you to burn to ImgBurn instead of dvd decrypter. http://forum.digital-digest.com/showthread.php?t=63869