DVD X Copy Platinum

Arggh… I’m following a guide I found on another site. I have DVD X Copy and a movie (ripped by DVD Decrypter) on my HDD. When I start DVD X Copy, I am supposed to click on Advanced, then Browse, to select the movie files on my HDD. However, the Browse button is ALWAYS grayed out. I have tried everything and cannot even get it to be selectable.

Any ideas? :a


No need for double post.

Why use Dvd X COpy anyways. 321 is out of buisnees and you wont get any tech support.

If you dont need compression for the movie file just use decryptor and go to mode and then iso and then write and click the write button.

If you do need compression try dvd shrink. It is good and freeware http://doom9.net

Shit sorry, the 2x post was a total accident. This site is acting really screwy for me right now, but still my fault. Would delete that post if I could.

If I have a full DVD-9, that I do not want to compress, is it possible to burn to 2 DVD’s using Decrypter? That is what I am trying to do. Thanks for the quick reply, sorry again for double post!

You should not have to use 2 dvd’s it should be able to put it on one

PM me an email adress and Ill send you my guide. It is real easy to follow\

Your not the only one haveing issues with this site but the staff is awaree of it and taking care of it

Apparently DVD X Copy can act in this way with bad cracks and / or reg keys relating to other programmes found when run up or installed. It’s crap anyway… When I get round to making backups of my collection I will prompt for CloneDVD (Elby/Slysoft) as things stand at present. No need for it yet - but it’s the best option. Not perfect, but works better than all the others that get good reviews but in practice are dire. Not really inot backing up dvd’s - as I hope they will last for many years - only got a few rare dvd’s that I should get round to backing up one day.