DVD X Copy Help Needed

I need some help and am new to dvd copying. I have been using dvd x copy for about 3 months. For some reason it now is not working right. It was taking aprox. 30 min to read the dvd and aprox. 15 min to write it. Now it is taking a hour to two hours to read and often is giving me a error code. Can anyone help? :sad:

DVDXCOPY is now no more as 321 studios went bellyup because of continious court cases and therefore has not been updated to cover newer protections such as sonys ARccOS…
Maybe it would be best to try another dvd software…
If you post the exact error code you are getting then we might help you to backup most dvd,s at least…

The error code says unable to read dvd. But my big problem is why it is taking so long now. I found that if i restore my computer to when it was working right it fixes it temporarely. But some movies won’t back up are they now blocking them ie. the forgotten and the grudge. Is there away around this? I have never used anything else to back them up and dvd x copy did it all for me, lol so I an kinda a dummie I guess. Tanks for the responce that was awesome.

the forgotten and the grudge.
These two plus I believe Resident Evil Apocalypse use the new Sony ARccOS protection. Any DVD had numerous updates to overcome this protection, so I’m guessing you’ll be plum outta luck using unupdatable DVD X Copy.

@ kelso if you dont want to spend more money on other software try dvd decryptor and dvdshrink both free and very good programs (the latest version of dvd decryptor can beat sony,s new ARccOS protection)
Use it to rip and dvd shrink to compress

I’m not sure if xcopy can read from a folder or not but if it can and you like x copy, you can just rip problem movies with dvd decryptor and then use xcopy. Fyi resident evil does have the sony copy protection and little black book does too. Looks like it is becoming pretty common.

Thanks sooo much you guys I’m not real wise on this yet but am a quick learner. I have been so depressed about this, and you all have made my day!!! Wow, I am also very impressed by this site just singed up a few hours ago, and can’t belive how helpful you all have been. Great to see there are still good poeple left in this crazy world. Thanks again you guys rawk!!!

Oh yeah, and can any of you tell me how I can get a cool pic like yours under my name?

Go into the user control panel and select “Avatar” This will allow you to either upload a pic from your PC or link to a pic somewhere on the web. Anyways, I concur that the DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter method really is the way to go now. Superior to DVD X COPY in virtually every respect and it doesn’t cost you a dime. :wink:

Hey Kelso…

Don’t quite dump X-Copy yet, but it’s close. I’d stay with what I call the major 4. Nero 6, AnyDVD(not totally free but worth it), Shrink, and Decrypter. With these 4, you need no more. Shrink and Decrypter take a little playing around with but just do some searches here on the forum and you’ll find some great tutorials. Or if you see a member by name of G)(osters, in his signature, he’s got an excellent tutorial on shrink. You can even do a Google on those 2 and come up with some great stuff. I’ve got X-Copy but haven’t used it in about a yr. due to it being so slow. And with the newest version of AnyDVD your covered on Sony’s new crap. Welcome to the forum.


Hey, I have now backed up my grudge with dvd decryptor and dvd shrink. But my nero wasn’t the right one so my hubby downloaded nero recode 2 and it works but almost seems as if I amd taking some extra steps. It is taking way longer to do this 3 step process than it was using my dvd x copy. Of course the plus is that it is working on the columbia movies but am I doing something wrong? S.O.S

That is the price we pay for freeware, hehehe.

I now do 4 step backups for most DVDs:

  1. DVD Decrypter to rip in File mode
  2. TitleSetBlanker to blank the titles I do not want
  3. DVD Shrink to remove audio; maximum compress menus, auto compress movie
  4. DVD Decrypter to write ISO

I use freeware Windows Media Player Classic to identify the individual titles before blanking, and to check the final ISO before burning (mounting in Daemon Tools first).

Not too much trouble because I still like to keep the main menu and chapter selection. Doing few backups per week, and it is not that I need to watch every step during the process.

As a matter of fact, if you do a little search, you’ll find out that the author of DVD Shrink was hired by Nero to write Recode! :slight_smile:

They do the same, for the most part. I guess that it is a good bet that DVD Shrink is at the end of development, and we’ll need to use Recode in the future.

One problem is that DVD Shrink was also from the “hacking” side doing the decryption, this will not be possible with established company like Ahead (Nero), That reason, and because always DVD Decrypter was better ripper, it is used to rip, and other program to continue processing.
See my regular post, you might skip the blanking for now.

For regular movie that DVD Shrink can rip without problems, you can do 2 steps

  1. DVD Shrink to open the DVD disc
  2. burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter or other program that you like.

LOL!!! Thats why I asked beacuse I read that post about the guy now working for Nero. I am really new at this so if I seem retarded I am somwhat lol. After reading that post it seemed to me that shrink and nero recode 2 are doin the same thing. So I am guessing that if I was to use shrink/decryptor/ and maybe a regular version of nero that would be = to using decryptor & nero recode 2? Will they both do the same thing or is one better that the other? And is one a faster process? Thanks again for all of you help.

I’m not sure about speed but one of the easiest processes would be anydvd and nero (I doub’t that it would be slower but I’m not sure about faster as I havent used shrink in a long time). Anydvd just runs in the background and gets rid of the copy gurad (including the new sont arccos stuff). You do a preanalysis that takes a minute or two and then it runs through the rest of the process in one step (20-40 minutes on a amd2400 with 512meg mem). If you are only using a burner instead of a burner and a rom you will have to swap the disk for a blank towards the end. It will eject the movie and ask for a blank. It’s also the most expensive way of doing it but you get a complete burning software package out of nero, not just the equivalent of shrink. There are free trials on both if you want to give it a try.

If your trying to copy a owned movie with the new Sony version of macrovision, you need AnyDVD. This runs in the background. Then use your shrink and decrypter and your good to go. I believe the Grudge has this new Sony crap. I know The Forgotten does and it worked great on that for me.


Hey ripit…

We must of been typing at almost the exact same time.:bigsmile:


Use DVDDecrypter or AnyDVD to first remove the encryption and then create a backup (ISO) of the DVD on your hard drive, mount this image file (ISO) using Daemon, and then use either DVDXCopy or CloneDVD2 to burn the DVD. You may need to try one or the other depending on the mode (compressed vs. uncompressed) since no one tool will work properly for all movies. This may seem like an extra step but it will allow you to be able to burn the latest DVDs since DVDDecrpter and AnyDVD are updated regulary. It should only add an 15 minutes to the over process.

Hi guys thanks to this site I discovered DVD Encrypter and DVD Shrink. Before this free software I got stuck with The Forgotten, The grudge, Little black book and the movie Troy. I have DVD-X copy which I will hold on to until it becomes completely useless. I do have a question though. When using DVD Shrink and DVD encrypter it takes me about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours to burn just one movie. Below are the steps that I am doing, if anyone can suggest something that will speed up the process it will make life easier.


  1. Decrypt DVD with DVD encrypter (30 minutes). Once encrypted I remove original and pop in a blank DVD-R
  2. Open DVD Shrink
  3. Drag file that DVD encrypter creates for the movie to DVD Shrink
  4. Click Backup which decode the movie (takes less than 2 minutes)
  5. Automatically encodes the movie (takes 30 minutes)
  6. Once movie is encoded DVD Ecypter automatically opens and burns movie. (30 minutes using a 2x speed dvd unfortunately)

I know the speed of the disc I am using is helping in making the encryting and burning process a bit longer, but is there anything else I can do to speed up the process?
All in all I have no complaints and recommed DVD Shrink and Encrypter. It’s free, and it does the job.
Thanks guys.

Why use X-Copy, CloneDVD2 or Daemon. You can burn with Decrypter!!!