DVD WW 16x16 to Benq 1620

hiya guys, not seen u guys for awhile, hows things.?
Ive just not really been online much these days…

Anyways, a while back i got this DVDRW, and windows saw it as DVD WW 16x16 or something like that. So after i spoke to u guys u pointed me the right direction to get the drive back to a benq (as i was having trouble with it), which works great and has done for 2years or so. Yeah bios saw as a benq 1620…

Anyways my point. i want to upgarde the hacked (or whatever) firmware, as my drives hacked, i suppose lol
The Firmware Version is: B7T9
i cant remember were i got it, and ive forgot how u do it lol

anyadvice guys, that would be cool


Shouldn’t require any special steps, just flash it with that.

Cheers scoobiedoobie…i m sure i know that name…:wink:

Ahhh, i now where i know u from, The corrections department for animal recue, Texas. july 1977 i beilieve. He its me scrappy too…ROTFLAMO sorry dude, had ot write, but u prob heard it al before… LMAO

Cheers for that mate