DVD Writter Failed At 95% Burning Process

I have an LG GSA-4120B DVD Writter and it failed when burning DVD folder up to 95% or 96% with Nero 6.6.xx. The disc that are used to burn the DVD folder is Verbatim DVD+RW 4x as at http://www.verbatim.com.au/products.cfm?productID=95043. I had tried all the Verbatim DVD+RW discs I had for about 30 times with only one success. However the same DVD folder was written successfully with any DVD-R or DVD+R and some other DVD+RW. Those Verbatim DVD+RW 4x were burned ok with set top DVD Recorder at home. Different firmwares of the LG GSA-4120B from A104 to A117 (The latest) were also attempted with no luck, as well as different burning softwares ONES, CloneDVD2, CopyToDVD etc…

Does anybody have any the solution for this ? Thanks for any help.

One thing to note is that DVD recorders record in realtime (i.e. 1x). I’m not sure if burn speed will make a difference here but one thing you can try is to burn one of those discs at 2x with your 4120B and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks [B]karangguni[/B], but I’ve already tried to burn at 2x or 2.4x that I could choose from the softwares without any difference. The weird thing is that I could have one success for the overall trial of these DVD+RW disc. Also these disc burned fine with Samsung & Sony DVD Writers :frowning:

I’ve also lub the 3 rails of this burner.

Well, about the only thing left to try is to clean the lens of the drive. Safer to do that by opening up the drive and manually cleaning it with a q-tip and alcohol rather than by using one of those cleaning discs.

If that does not work, test the drive in another system. This is to confirm it isn’t some kind of software/driver issue. If the drive works in another system, then it is a software/driver system. If not, then the drive itself has probably worn itself out through use in some way.

I’ve already cleaned the len at the same time I lub the 3 rails when opening up the drive. It turned out same thing on different systems. It’s weird that it burned fine for all other medias I have, and it failed not just for one disc but for more than a pack of the DVD+RW discs from Verbatim :doh: