DVD written to Hard Drive. What next?

Ok I’m just trying to make my first DVD (+R) using Nerovision Express. To check everything works OK I chose the option “write to Hard Disk Folder”. So I’ve got the folder Video_TS and it works ok from HDD.

Now how to I actually burn it to the DVD - the options available in Nerovision don’t seem appropriate!

it can be doen by nero

select data or video dvd…and add the files from the video_ts(not sure exactly…dont have nero installed)

or use the dvd mastering option in burnatonce (freeware)

Thanks, that worked fine just burning with Nero. So is whatever is in the Video_TS folder the actual DVD? That folder is all a player needs to work? No root files or hidden things?

no a dvd also contains a audio_ts directory
some players don’t play them without that directory excisting

Ah that might explain why it didn’t work first time I tried. I just used Nero’s Data Disc routine. No go. I then did the DVD Video Files thing and copied just the contents of my Video_TS to the program’s empty Video_TS. But by the look of it, it also added the Audio_TS folder.

So it is good practice to always make this Audio_TS folder - even if it is empty?

most software add the audio-ts folder itself…no need to do anything about it

i read somewhere it will be used for dvd-audio