Dvd writing speeds

i’ve had problems playing copied dvds when writing at 16x speed, i have re-copied these dvds at 8x speed and they seems ok. is there any difference to the quality of the content of the dvd if copied at a slower speed? or is it the fact that it just copies at a slower speed therefore taking longer to copy?

also if this is the case, would it be better to copy at an even slower speed e.g. 4x speed to make sure of a working copy?


have a little petience, this isen`t a chat room :slight_smile:

if 16x is to fast for your media then 8x should be ok or even 12x, but don`t go any slower that 8x and your discs should be fine.

you should also post the mid of the discs, but at a guess if there mcco4 the 12x will give best results

the MID is: MCC004. i tired writing a dvd at 12x and it still jumped in my dvd player but im having no problems SO FAR burning at 8x speed.

thanks for your help and any more advice would be welcome.

@ trent7,

If you are using quality blank DVD media, your ND-32530A has the latest up to date firmware, using the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD downloaded from the official SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) Web site, and ceasing all background operations when burning you backup copies there should be no need to burn 16 speed rated DVD media at 12 speed or 8 speed to achieve quality burns.

Suggest that you ensure that your ND-32530A does in fact have the latest up to date firmware installed. If you are unaware DVD Firmware is the major facture that ensures that you DVD Burner is writing data to blank media in the most optimal manner. Old out of date DVD Firmware can cause improper burning strategies what will cause the necessity to have to reduce burning speeds to produce quality error free burns. Visit the CD Freaks NEC DVD Burner Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=86) for information on updating your ND-32530A firmware. Vital information is provided in the NEC DVD Burner Forum “Read First” postings located in the beginning of the Forum.

To obtain the latest NEC ND-32530A firmware visit Forum Members ScorpioSoft NEC DVD Burner Firmware page (http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/) and navigate to the ND-3530 page and you will find the latest NEC ND-32530A firmware.

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Hi :slight_smile:
If you’ve got the latest versions of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 (which I have), the media your using is MCC004. Then to ensure quality/consistancy you would indeed be far better off writing to this media @ no more than 12X. Regardless of DVDRW I have found this to be the case. In fact NEC 3520/3540 performance is somewhat disapointing with this media when compared to my other writers.