DVD writing speed query

Hello all, I have a http://www.starmount.co.uk/productversion/337.html pioneer 108 dvd burner and I am using verbatim dvd+r X16 discs.

On my pc I am working with Nero on XP.

When burning data using Nero in the drop down box for burning speeds only 2 options X2 and X4 appear once the disc is loaded ready to burn.

Having purchased X16 discs can someone please explain why it is that higher burning speeds are not available to me, and what if anything I can do to remedy this.


Hello and Welcome to CD Freaks.

I think the 108 is a fairly old drive. It’s firmware probably
doesn’t support newer 16x media. Are you running the
latest firmware for your drive?

Version 1.2 seems to be the latest.

Thanks for the welcome, I can’t check the firmware as it is on my home pc. Looking at the pioneer site the last firmware update was 1.20 in April 2005 so I probably have the latest update.
Looking at the spec in the link in the OP the writer seems to support 16X according to the spec of that particular one so I assumed that’s what I should be able to burn at(or have the option to).

Verbatim 16x +R made in Taiwan or India will have
an MID of MCC004 Japanese made Verbatim +R
16X will have an MID of YUDEN000T03.

The drive firmware has a table of supported MIDs
This tells the drive which write strategy it should use
to burn the disc. If the MID of your disc is not in
this table, the drive will use a default write strategy
to burn the disc. Since the drive has no way of
determining the speed rating of the disc, it will
use the safe option of burning at a low speed.

I’m sure there are a few 108 owners on the forum.
Maybe they can recommend the best firmware for
burning 16x Verbatim?

^^ the discs were made in Japan.

Thanks for the info on the different origins and burn strategies for particular burners and discs, I didn’t even realise this stuff was of importance.

Like all newbie numpty’s I assumed all discs went in all burners and away you went.