DVD writing software & disks

Hello there,

I want to be able to burn video files to DVD (for playback on any DVD player), could anyone recommend to me the best software for this? (easy and with a good success rate), and if there is anything decent out there that’s free?

I have Maxell DVD-R’s, 4.7gb/120min, are these adequote for the job?

“video files” are what kind of files??

I mean video files such as AVI, DIVX etc, video with audio.

I’ve used a few programs and not had any good results, my latest attempt gave me a video without sound.

If you don’t care about menus, etc…:
Download, install & use SUPER (all cap. letters).
It’s free, BUT you’ll have to navigate to the bottom of the third page of its website -idiotic as it is.
Also, it’s a 24+ MB download, so it’s not small.

The GOOD news is it’ll convert just about anything to any other thing!

I believe DVD Flick is another good one for converting video files to a DVD-compliant format.

I personally use ConvertXtoDVD, though it’s not free like that other softwares mentioned.

BTW, welcome to the forum, Brenny1 :wink:

If you are converting avi to dvd, the free program I recommend is FAVC.
Use the HC encoder that comes with it.

Be aware it won’t convert mpeg files to dvd natively. This is for avi source files. Use DVDFlick if you are starting with mpg.

Thanks the responses so far,

This is starting to tick me off now, I hate wasting discs needlessly…

With the help you’ve offered I’ve managed to convert AVI to VOBs (with all the info files etc).

I put all these files into a “Video TS” folder and burned it to DVD, and guess what? only plays on PC, not on the DVD player.

So I should ask, once I have my VOB and related files, what is the best process from here to burn them to a DVD (for playback on a DVD player).

Thanks very much.

PLEASE NOTE: My test DVD player is my Xbox 360, I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

Sounds like you have a picky player, and it may not like the type of disks you are using. Or you may have gotten a mediocre burn.

What burner do you have? And what speed did you burn them?

I use ImgBurn for all my video burning these days. It is a very good, free program. [B]Here is a guide[/B] for burning dvd video with it.

As a general rule, I would suggest slowing down the burn speed to about half the rated speed of the disk…in other words, if you have 16x media, try it at 8x this time.

One of the more consistent brands of media is Verbatim. It is usually a safe bet for quality.

What program did you use for burning?
Can you post the log file?

Edit: Too late.

I’m unsure of the burner, it’s a standard model that came included with my Advent laptop. I’m using Maxell DVD-R’s.

Basically I used a converter to convert AVI to VOB (DVD), then I simply draged the files produced to the blank DVD in explorer (in it’s “Video TS” folder, so it looks exactly like a normal DVD).

Not being an expert, I thought this would “look” like a DVD video to a player, but perhaps there is a “special” process that needs to take place? To make it readable as a DVD video rather than a data disc arranged like a DVD?

The files produced strike me as normal which are: VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB, VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEO_TS.IFO, VTS_01_0.BUP, VTS_01_0.IFO.

I tried opening these files in “Sothink Movie DVD Maker” but it did not want to open them, so how would I burn a disc from these source files?

Which converter did you use? Flick and FAVC will both output to a Video_TS folder.

Try the guide I linked and use ImgBurn this time. Again, don’t burn at full speed.

I used “sothink moivie DVD maker”, I chose the option to burn to the HD rather than disc, to avoid wasting a disc. They played back fine from the HD, and also from the disc, but only in a windows environment.

Thanks, I’ll try what you suggest and get back to you.

Just installed IMGBurn, the opening log contained:

W 22:32:41 Drive F:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size.

Anything to be alarmed about?


You’re a star!!

I used the program you suggested and followed the guide, and it works with perfect results!

Thanks very much :).

Is it best to keep the VOB files if I want to make future copys?

You can work from the disk you made if you trust it to be a good copy, or keep the vobs on the hard disk if you have room.

Concerning the Drive F formatted with FAT32, that can be a problem working with dvds. Most dvd copies you burn will be around 4.3gb in size, so it is best to used a hard drive partition formatted with NTFS.

Good to hear you got it to work.