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Hi - I was using Nero 7 essentials to write decrypted DVD’s (from DVD Fab or IMG Burn) from my harddrive to DVD-R single layer media, basically by dragging & dropping. I’m new to this - so only been doing it for several weeks. Couple days ago the Nero program stopped working - so I tried Restore to a time it worked, nada. I re-installed it - still nada. So I downloaded & installed HT Fireman & CD Burner XP - and they had the same problem as Nero. The movie file would fill the cache, buffer & write the lead in - but 10 seconds into when the
actual burning would start I’d get a “Burn Failed” error pop up message with each of the 3 burner programs. So something is up here with my hardware I speculate - but being a newbie to this I could really benefit from some expert advice! Thanks a bunch! deca


Hi Welcome to CDF!!!
Can u post ur latest log file?


Please remove the serial number before posting the log file…


Hi Shafling - Thank you. I’m sorry to say I have no idea what a log file is… Deca


At the end of a failed burn Nero asks do you want to save a log file. Answer yes to this & save it somewhere you can easily find it.

Then take the Go Advanced option on the post screen & the Manage Attachments. Then browse for the file you just saved & follow the instructions.

The log file will tell us all about the burn & hopefully help us to help you.


Hi - Thank you again. Unfortunately I am not ever prompted with a Save Log File with any of the burner programs. I just get “Burn Failed” with error codes next to Sense Key, ASS & ASCQ. Is there some setting to enable Log Files I can address?


Well - maybe this will help - Nero says “Power callibration Error” Thanks again, Deca


Which media are you using ?? There are two common causes for power calibration errors.

[B]1. Low Quality Media[/B]

At the start of each burn the drive will burn to a small section the the disc to adjust the laser power for the media being used. Low quality media is inconsistent and will frequently give hit or miss results during the power calibration. AN32, CMC and Moser Baer are common low quality media.

Keep in mind that many of the brands of media aren’t actually made by the company selling them. To find out who actually manufactured the media you can use DVD Identifier.


The only recourse for power calibration errors with low quality media is to update the firmware for your drive and hope it works. Here’s a link to the best firmware page to be found:


[B]2.Your Burner Is Dying[/B]

This one is self-explanatory.

If you’re using quality media, your firmware is up to date and you’re still recieving power calibration errors then your drive is most likely gone or defective. It can read cds but can’t burn.


Interesting - this all started when I just opened a new pack of Memorex -R blank DVD’s. What brand do you recommend - I’ll go straight out to get them! Thank you!!! Deca

  • Well why wait - just went to the Shack & grabbed some Phillips & Maganavox blank DVD’s & voila - working perfectly again. What a titanic pain that was to figure out, Thanks to all of you for your help! deca


Enjoy buddy!!! :slight_smile: