DVD writing errors in XP only (not Win 98)



Help. Am having consistent verification errors writing Data DVDs on an NEC 3500AG on XP Pro? BUT when writing the same data onto the same media type on the same drive under Win98SE no errors occur.

I Have used VData to verify the results and it confirms that when (in XP) Nero says there are errors, there are differences between source and dvd files and when (in Win98) it says there are no errors there aren’t. I have even checked a DVD written under XP (showing errors) using VData on Win98 and differences are detected. Which implies the errors are real and occurring on writing.

I am using:

  • Win XP Pro SP2 (up-to-date)
  • Nero (latest) (but get same results using CDBurnerXP Pro 3)
  • NEC 3500AG (Bios Version 2.16, then updated to latest 2.18)
  • Imation 8x DvD (but got same problems on another DVD and DVD RW)
  • Latest VIA IDE Drivers
  • Have even used Nero ASPI driver
  • My source data is on a RAID Pair (but some problem when RAID disabled)

The problem is obviously software as I have just successfully written and confirmed a number of DVDs under Win 98SE.

The Nero test tools show no errors. Have tried Kprobe2, but it gives an Access Violation when testing the drive (although just read a post suggesting this tool only works on Liteon)

Any ideas gratefully received please?