DVD writing device for servers


Dell will not ship their PowerEdge servers with a DVD writing device but will deliver with a CD writing device.

Is there a DVD writing device that will work on a server? What specifications should I look for?

Thank you for any suggestions

I don’t know what type of server the Dell serve you’d like to use is. (I did not check it on the DELL website).
If your server has at least one standard 5.25 place you can use any normal 5.25" sized ODD you prefer. If you have a slim server (blade or whatever) you are maybe forced to use slimline (notebook drives). In this case a DVD burner is not recommended, since the media compatibility will be bad in a few month since you will not get any firmware updates.

Personally I do not see sence for a burner in a server. For backup DVDs are not the right media. Maybe DVD RAM, but for professional backup you should used automated streamers or something like that. I assume that a server is used in a professional environment and therefore the data storage must be safe to be sure to get no data loss! CDs are also not perfect for backups but much better if you do not use no name media and a good CD burner.

Here in the other areas of the DVD burners I read positive stuff about Samsung, Pioneer, Liteon… maybe a few more? You can check it by yourself I guess.