DVD - Writers

I’m new to this DVD-Writer thing, I need some expert advice on what to look for in a DVD-Writer before I go ahead and purchase one. Like with CD-Writers, you had to look for one’s capable of doing exact 1:1 copies and be able to write raw data to produce exact duplicates.

Are there combo DVD Writers, which can write both CDs and DVDs as well as act as a normal DVD/CD-ROM drive?

I’m interested is user advice.


I don’t believe any DVD writer can do a 1:1 copy. Sony has a new burner out that will write to (+) an (-) DVD’s as well as burn cd’s you can also use it as a ROM for both also.

But you’ll have to wait for a review to find out if it can handle CDs really well (or if it failes with k2a, sd2 etc).

There aren’t that many DVD Writers out are there?

What’s the best place to get reviews on some of them?


Try www.vcdhelp.com

and check out my own site… see sig.

nice site,

also the reason I decided 2 weeks ago to buy the:


but question:

Which brand media did u use in the test?

alexnoe kinda pointed me towards Verbatism

Ricoh, Philips & Verbatim.

Does Philips make their own dvd+r(w) edia?

Last time I bought Philips cd-r, I got CMC :Z

No they dont… stupid of me to list it… they use Ricoh.

Is it recommended that I wait for a DVD RW which can write/read on both DVD+RW and DVD-RW ? :slight_smile:


I would get a dvd±r(w) combo drive if I hadn’t already a dvr-a03. It will allow you to ignore the format war…

No they dont… stupid of me to list it… they use Ricoh.
Much better than CMC :slight_smile:

Pioneer ao4/dvr104 (dvd-r, dvd-rw)

its the only one to get because
its cheap £195
media is cheap
dvd-rw 89p

everyone else has them!

or buy a nice dvd+r, dvd+rw for twice as much
and burn media that costs 3x as much
don’t bother with using dvd writers them as cd writers
they are all slow.

get a liteon 40x cd writer for £40
thats what you use for cds

wait another 5 years, there is sure to be somthing better out then!