Dvd writers

I’m in Australia my dvd writer a sata 212 pioneer went ‘BOING’ and disappeared
of my computor,fired the computor up again and it was back!
Time for a knew one whats a good dvd burner?

as previous question generated no replies I’ll make this thread simple,
What is a good sata burner and is a PCI sata card a better option than the sata on the asus board? I have plenty of ram and core2 intel xp loaded!

Good sata burner : Optiarc AD-7240S series
Chipset sata is good too, core2 mobo should have decent sata controler :wink:

@ galaxiepete
There is no need to make a new thread to ask for the same question. Both threads are merged now. Don’t be in a hurry: give people some time to read your question :slight_smile:

Thank you geno888,but the advice given by members and senior moderators is SPEED is everything
The optiaric ad7240 s is that a brand Australia does not have this, only the everyday brands we don’t have plextor

Optiarc = Sony (now)
You could maybe find rebadged AD-7240 under various brand, or have a look to lite-on iHAS124/224/324/424/524 series :wink: