DVD Writers

I am new to this forum and in the process of learning about DVD writers, drivers, backing up DVDs and required hardware support to do the same.

Currently I having the following in my computer
a- Windows 2000 server operating system
b- 600 MHz, PIII
c- 384 MB Ram
d- 20G hard disk space.

  1. Are the above configs sufficient to install & create DVDs? If not, what do I need to do?
  2. What is best DVD writer for Windows?
  3. Do I need two DVD players (one for reading & other for writing) to backup my existing DVDs?

If some earlier threads addressed the above questions, please point me to that link.

Thanks advance.

Yo bala72-

Welcome to the forums-

How much free space do you have on your hard drive?


Hi Mike,
Currently I am having about 3 G of free disk space.

You’ll need probably more than 3 gigs of space if you are planning on backing up dvds. 8 gigs or more is probably better.

Although if you get the dvdr/w drive then you can backup a lot of your stuff on the computer and delete them from the harddrive to free up room.


Suggest that you get another hard drive - or new computer - as that isn’t enough space to do burns (need about 10gb free space)-

The amount of RAM you have isn’t very good for burns (should have at least 512mb RAM)-


With your system, you want a separate hard drive to back up your movies to. You can get by with one burner if you copy to hard drive and then to burner. You will want to shut down all unnecessary background processes in order to have decent quality burns.

Need an optimized install of windows to burn well with that system. You’re probably limited to 8X or 12X burn speed.

Get a min 40GB HD and connect it as a slave to the master HD.

Yeah I too recommend a separate large hard disk, they are cheap now. I have a 60GB hard drive for programs and regular data plus a second 100GB hard drive just for video and DVD stuff. I started with 256MB RAM and found that you could burn DVDs OK but not if you had several other programs running at the same time, with 512MB RAM there is no such issues.