Dvd Writers On Sale At Frys



Today’s Frys ad:Sony 16X Dual Format & D/L DVD Writer on sale.
$119.99 regular price - $30.00 instant rebate - $30.00 mail0in rebate.
Out the door price of $89.99 and $59.999 price with mail in rebate.

Also a Iomega 16X Dual format D/L external DVD wrire on sale.
$169.99 regualer price - $40.00 instany rebate - $40.00 mail-in rebate
$129.99 out the door and $89.99 price with mail-in rebate.

Frys does not list model numbers unfortunately. The Sony DVD seems to me to be a great deal and i an tempted to go buy one.



The Sony DVD seems to me to be a great deal and i an tempted to go buy one.


That would not be a very good idea. ChiefValue will sell you the same Sony 16x drive for $48.99 delivered, $11 cheaper and no rebate to fool with.



Sorry HenryNettles but I think clgerow is talking about DRU-720A which even at ChiefValue is $89.99 or Newegg for $86.99. :eek:


You need to do a little reading and investigating before you post. The Sony DW-D26A (which I linked to for $48.99) is the OEM version of the DRU-720A (which you linked to for$86.99). And both of these Sony drives are the same as the Liteon 1673S. Exact same drive, same mechanism, same firmware, same capabilities. The retail boxed DRU-720A might have a prettier faceplate, and it might come with more or better software in the box. But the drive is the same.

You might want to go read this thread in the Liteon forum here at club.cdfreaks.com, titled “The LITE-ON SOWH-1673S and SONY DRU-720A thread”



You got me on that. :o
But tell me why you wouldn’t just tell him to buy the SOHW-1673S - OEM for $49.99 or Retail for $53.99?
I say that cause it seems like everyone is converting them back so why not save a step?


the IOMEGA drive should be NEC 3500, I dont know if you can flash it back to NEC drive


I guess it was a good idea?