DVD Writers Failing Continously



Hi, I am in desperate need of help and don’t know where to post:(
Everything was working Fine on my Pc uptil now. but recently i have started facing problems. i had one Moserbaer(Liteon) drive and one Sony AW-Q170A. Now whenever i Burn a Dvd using Imgburn the Dvd will Burn ok But When it will start to verify it will stop at 20% first and Show SCSi status code :0x02 and some errors. i tried burning more Dvd’s thinking there is some problem with the media but the Percent at which the error came started to come just kept Decreasing 20-19-18-17 and so on both my drives failed. I got a new Sony DRU-V200S Tested it in my office it burnt 4 discs without a problem same using imgburn but at home after burning 2 discs it started giving the same errors:confused: Have tested the drives both on Vista Sp1 and Xp Sp3.Please somebody Help me i m in deep trouble.I have a feeling it has got something todo with the Scsi controller on my Mobo.

System Specs
Asus P5NT-WS
Intel Q6600
2x2Gb DDR2 800Mhz
280Gb(Raid 0)
2 storage

Thanx for help in Advance:)