DVD writers able to scan for errors (PIF/BLER)

I’d like to know which writers are able to verify errors besides the LiteOn. I remember a list of all the drivers that can do this, but can’t find it.

Yes, I’ve read a few FAQs and did a decent amount of search, but with no luck.


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Also Pioneer drives have this ability but they are not officially supported (yet).
Plextor drives can also scan for errors but only with PlexTools.

Hello Erik. Could you just put on your site a direct link to this list. It’s very hard to find it on your site.

Just one another thing, Why PIF (no PI) are set to this to these drive :

  • liteon 1 ECC
  • Benq 8 ECC
  • Asus e616 64 ECC

Is the limitation due to firmware/hardware ???

Thank for all

Yes, this is link I’ve seen before. As burnix2 says, a direct link will make things a lot easier.