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Hi everyone,I have just purchased a dvd writer and have no installation instructions in the box nor a users manual.I have three drive bays in my tower and two are taken up with a dvd-rom and a cd-writer.Can anyone advise me on the correct installation for the new dvd writer?I hope it does not turn out to be so simple that no instructions were considered neccessary by the manufacturer-I have contacted the vendor but you know how long that could take.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Installing a DVD writer should not be too hard.

First, you have to jumper the writer so that it can cooperate with other IDE devices. I assume that your mainboard can handle 4 IDE devices (that’s standard) and I also assume that there are 3 IDE devices currently inside. Well, open your case and see what’s attached to the big grey cables (in most situations, 1 cable is attached to the harddrive and the other cable is attached to the 2 optical drives). Each IDE channel can handle 1 master and 1 slave drive.

For the best, you put your reader on another channel than your writers. The setup would look like this:

  1. Primary master -> harddisk
  2. Primary slave -> DVD-ROM
  3. Secundary master -> DVD-RW
  4. Secundary slave -> CD-RW

On the back of each IDE device, there should be a jumper to set it to Master (MS) Slave (SL) or Cable Select (CS). Make sure you set the jumpers of the devices like I stated in the list above.
Then, attach the flat cables the right way.

Now, all you need to do is attach the powercables to the devices and you should be ready to go… Start your computer and see if everything’s working…!

Many thanks for the info admin,I have installed my own cd writer in the past and half suspected it would not be too difficult but I decided to ask for advice to be on the safe side.As I expected I have received a very prompt reply from this excellent forum but nothing from the sellers of the writer.I will follow your instructions many thanks again,regards pc fanatic2.

I’m glad we could be of help :slight_smile:

let us know what happens!

Hi Admin,I intend to install the dvd writer over the christmas break.Going by your list of preferred settings I will assume that the current connections are PRIMARY MASTER-HARD DRIVE.PRIMARY SLAVE-DVD-ROM.SECONDARY MASTER-DVD-RW(NEW DRIVE).SECONDARY SLAVE-CD-WRITER.If I find that the cd-writer is set as master as it is as far as I can tell without actually looking and going by your spec ( it is the only drive on the connection)will it be in order to set the dvd as the slave without disturbing the cd writer connection.I read somewhere that this will still work ok.Obviously I have to confirm all this by actually looking but I am doing a little groundwork in advance.Regards,pc fanatic

Chances are quite slim that the DVDRW drive won’t work okay if it’s set to slave. I’ve experienced twice (NF2 and i845 chipset) that a DVDRW drive didn’t want to flash (firmware flash) being connected as a slave. As master, it worked okay.

Of course, you can try if it works out for you. If you want to do it the easy way, set one of the burners to “CS” (that means cable select, it determines its master/slave setting according to other devices on the same IDE cable), so you just have to switch the jumper on the other drive from MS to SL (or the other way around) to change the setup…

Good luck!

Thanks again Admin,I think I will stick with your original solution and set the dvd burner as master with the cd burner as slave.I still have not heard anything from time about the lack of installation info are they all crap!All I need do is unplug the cd writer assuming it is set as master which it will be as it is the only drive on the ide and switch the plug to the dvd burner.The software they included is some version of nero but I use roxio and will stick with that.Many thanks,pc fanatic.

I just want to add one thing: you say you want to keep using Roxio software. What version are you using? See, the software you use must support your DVD writer. When this is a somewhat older version, chances are big that your drive is not supported. If that would be the case, you could check Roxio if they have a updated for your version… otherwhise you’ll have to upgrade.

In my humble opinion, Nero is way better than EZCD. Since version 6, it’s about as userfriendly as EZCD is, but it has way more power than EZCD does.

At http://www.nero.com you can download a demo version to see if it works out for you (just in case of) :wink:

Hi Admin,Thanks for your concern I recently updated my roxio version 5 platinum to enable it to support dvd writing which it now does I got the latest updates.I also have version 6 on disk if required.I am not fond of nero it came with my xp version and I did not like the way it operated.I have received an oem version of nero with the burner along with other stuff such as power dvd which also shipped with my xp.There is a little method in my madness I would not consider buying a dvd burner unless I was happy that I had the neccessary software to use it.Initially I had conflicts between nero and roxio until my recent update.At the moment I am trying to gen up on the various types of dvd disk and see which is better for me as the new burner covers all types as well as cd burning.It is a little confusing but I,ll get there.I am also trying to source the best sites for the cost of the disks.I am a little concerned at a thread I saw on the forum of a guy who had not managed to burn a dvd after having had his burner for some time.Thanks again( thats all I seem to be saying lately )pc fanatic ( David).

There’s just one thing I can say: browse our forums and make sure you read a lot, cause there is loads of knowledge on the board and I think you’re one of the types that likes to know more… :wink:

If there are any other questions, feel free to ask us… and ofcourse, enjoy your stay :smiley:

Hi again Admin,I have installed the dvd burner and it seems ok.It was recognized by xp without problems and it shows as listed drive.Now I need to find out the best place to obtain dvd files and indeed what types to look for-ISO,AVI?I use shareaza but I am unsure as to which are the correct type of files.Any suggestions.Regards pc fanatic.