Dvd writer

hi to everyone, i am new to writing dvd movies, i have only had my dvd writer 2 days.
i was following all the tutorials and found it very difficult, but one of the tutorials put me onto dvd x copy i downloaded different versions and purely by luck i came across the platinum version.
wow what a shock it was so easy you just put a dvd movie in and it copies the movie onto a blank dvd.
i have 2 dvd drives one to just play dvd’s and the other is the writer i got 2 days ago. i simply put a dvd movie into the one that can only play dvd movies then a blank one into the dvd writer. click on dvd x copy and it just copies the dvd movie, it even burns the movie onto a blank disk. its so easy.
there must be a draw back somewhere ?

If the original was dual layer DVD (DVD9) then it has to compress all the files to fit onto a smaller DVDR. Therefore you loose out on some of the picture quality. Some can be not noticably different from the original while others (generally longer moveis) can be quite noticible and unaceptable.

Try the new Beatles Anthology series and compress the whole without removing anything, the end result is bearly reconisable and totally unwatchable.