Dvd writer

hello. im planning to buy a dvd writer and i was told that there are two kinds available in the market. i just want to know what the difference is between the -dvd writer from the +dvd writer. which is the better choice? thank you in avance.

Best advice is simply to buy a dual format burner. They are very inexpensive at the moment, at least in the US, don’t know your location. You’ll just have a lot more flexibility in choosing media by going dual format.

Lots of good choices, Lite-on, Plextor, NEC, Pioneer—take your pick. Look through the threads here at this forum and you’ll get better idea of what is available.

Depending on your budget restraints, I’d do a search on the net for reviews of the new 8x dual format drives if you plan on purchasing anytime soon. An example would be this Plextor, the PX-708A.

If you don’t have a pressing need for a burner at the moment, and you have a fairly large amount of cash to put into this, you might wait till next year, when they come out with the dual density burners—twice as much capacity per disk.