Dvd Writer

Hey there i am looking to purchase a DVD writer.
Now i have seen that there are loads of them out there and i am a bit confused about the whole thing!. The DVD-RW can only seem to write 4.7GB at the mo. This is a bit worrying as its about 1/2 of what is possible on DVD.

Now when it is finnally possible to write the full wack onto a DVD-R will the drives that are out now be able to upgrade the firmware to one that will write 4.7GB.

What i don’t want to do is buy a £300 bit of kit and then have it reduntant and not upgradable because it will be a waste. I also i want to backup my DVD’s and they are way past 4.7GB

Thanks very much for any help!

None of the currently available DVD recording technologies [DVD-RAM, DVD-R(W), and DVD+R(W)] will allow you to record more than 4.7GB on a single side, because they all use single-layer blanks (most DVD movies use a dual-layer format). None of these technologies is going to support dual-layer recording, so you’ve gotta wait for the next-generation DVD machines in 2-3 years or so which will store 20GB+ on a single layer.