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Hi deanwitty Saw your welcome to another new member. and saw your list of drives you are testing I have been having trouble with my DVD Drives since having to Re-install windows (xp) drive was writing fine until then but after the re-instalation I am unable to write to blank disks. I assumed it was software problem reinstalled drivers with no success. Went to microsoft help tried all their solutions with no success finally the reply from them was unable to help any further. After seeing your posting I felt I may be able get some help from you . Hope so! Bit about myself I am a bit old now and the computers have left me behind a bit now I used to be able to solve problems myself but afraid not able to now . I built my first computer in 1989 when I was almost sixty I had a Tandy in 1979 a Gig was unimaginable 8 k sounded huge I am in the UK on the east coast a fishing town called Grimsby. Thanks to the members who have posted welcome to me. Gordonp

gordonp also included this information in a pm.

[I]internet explorer is freezing my mouse. buttons after been using it for a while it will open another window but wont close it wont let task manager close it and unable to close that window too so have had to turn computer off .Hope I can get this one to go, last night it froze after I had typed a similar message to this one so it wasn’t sent. hope someone reads this and is able to help[/I]

cheers Gordonp

Hi gordonp,

What is the reason you had to re-install Windows? Can you give us the model of the computer or mobo? It sounds a bit like your chipset drivers may not be installed properly.

As DeanW mentions, when I install WinXP, it’s roughly a 3-step process:

  1. Install WinXP…
  2. Install the Drivers CD…
  3. Install WinUpdates…

(I install XP SP2, by the way, because I’ve got several trusty and never-improved-on software packages that won’t install after SP3 is loaded. So I cheat a little and create a Step 2.5 and install my old software, then I do WinUpdates - and SP3.)

Even on name-brand computers, they can sometimes include minor parts of Step 2’s drivers into Step 1, but they still have specific drivers that need to be installed after WinXP is.

If you’re working on a name-brand desktop computer, some companies are thoughtful enough to display a correct and useful Model Number on the face of it. Other vendors require that I check the back label or sometimes (gag) inside the case’s panel. Lordy, I hate HP computers. Love their printers, hate their computers.

If you’re using a Notebook, then the bottom label is probably the only location for the specific model number.

With those, we can help locate the drivers you might need. Once you install those, you may need to go back thru WinUpdates but you probably won’t need a ReLoad of WinXP.

[QUOTE=deanwitty;2667352]Hi gordonp,

What is the reason you had to re-install Windows? Can you give us the model of the computer or mobo? It sounds a bit like your chipset drivers may not be installed properly.[/QUOTE]

Hi Dean Thanks for reply . The reason for re-install was hard drive crash.
I did reinstall chipset drivers to be sure that it was not the problem before I started dialogue with microsoft help. I use total media for playing DVD,as I use that for video camera too DVD wont write in that or windows. I Have my old computer running which still has the same windows OS still running, the same one as present computer It has a DVD rw on it which writes ok .It hasn’t got SATA so cant try drive from this computer on it. I have taken the drive from the old one (IDE) and tried it in this one it wont write on this either, but putting it back in old computer it did.

Herewith description of computer. Self build so no make
windows xp home edition version 5.1.2600
service pack 3 build 2600
file system NTFS

mother board asus M4N68T-M-LE
Processor AMD FX6-core black edition
4Gb ddr2 ram Kingston
first hard drive © Seagate st325031 8as 250 gb scsi
second hard drive backup and storage Hitachi hds721050clb 500Gb scsi
optical drive Sony/optiarc dvd-rw-ad7280s rev1.01/4
Better go to bed. 1.30 am here goodnight, Gordonp

I ran across an interesting post on another site when checking for info on your hard drive. This. It coincidentally mentions one of the other potential causes for your problems.
Try removing power and SATA jacks from the secondary hard drive and 7280 and run the computer for a bit and see if your freezing problem disappears.