DVD writer

i’m having a major problem with my LiteOn SOHW-1673S DVD (dual burner); it is just 3 month old. It reads and burns DVD media but suprisingly it neither burn nor read CD-Rs. It just happened the other day when it stopped reading and writing CD-Rs. It used to read and write CD-Rs.

does anybody know the reason or cause for this?
is there a solution? or is there anything i could tweak within my computer ( software or hardware wise) to make it work again?

what do i need to do? help! anybody?

have you tried updating the firmware? maybe its a bug that was fixed? try http://www.liteon.com/prod/getDriver.do?xml_id=4_4&xml_id=4_4&xml_id=4_4 for the firmware?

The CD & DVD parts of such a device are separate. It would seem that the CD part has failed & the drive needs replacing.

Also you may be better off asking for help in the LiteOn part of the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m not a liteon fan . I have had great succsess with samsung drives and plextor drives.Samsung just came out with a kickass dual layer dvd burner multi format for about 65 bucks it does dual layer @5x according to samsung. If you can afford it get the plextor 716a this drive is completely awesome overburn capable secure disc capable and etc.
I just worked on a friends rig with the same liteon drive you have and the same thing his burns but has trouble reading dvd. I read on another forum to make the liteon the slave drive supposedly that does something to make it work.