DVD Writer writes but doesn't read

My Pioneer DVR-107D has just developed a read problem.

I have used it very successfully in the past, ripping, writing, reading etc etc with no problem.

The drive will successfully write DVDs but they can’t be read back on the dsame drive. The written DVD-ROMs work fine in a friend’s Mac G4 notebook.

DVD-ROMs I wrote ages ago with the same drive, and that used to be readable, now aren’t readable on my drive.

All CD-Rs I’ve tried do read OK. It seems to only be DVDs that are a problem.

Some DVD-ROMs read with no problem.

Has anyone had a similar experience and know of a possible reason/solution?


AMD 2800+
Pioneer DVR-107D
Windows XP SP2 (auto-update)
Nero 6
DVDInfo Pro

Sadly, this most probably indicates that your drive is reaching the end of its life (for reading at least). :frowning:

You may try to clean the lens with a dedicated cleaning disc, maybe this will help, but don’t expect too much.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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…Some DVD-ROMs read with no problem…
If you are able to read some burned DVD discs but but not “other”, the first question to be asked; are these discs of same brand and MID?

I second Francksoy’s post.
And if one uses low quality media, discs can degrade fast and some discs might not be readable as soon as months after burn…

Please provide more info (brand, MID) about your non readable DVD’s.

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