DVD Writer wont finish jobs

Hey whats up Cd freaks! I have had a problem with my dvd writer lately. the problem is that everytime that i try burning something it stops burning halfway. i have used alot of dvds and alot of dual layers already and they have been ruined. sometimes it does finish the job but that is like 1 in every 8 dvds i use. i am spending so much money on these dvds i hope that you guys can help me solve my problem. i have a Samsung SE-S184M external drive. thanks alot.

Drive info: http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Samsung-SE-S184M-DVD-Burner-Review

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Great burner…can you tell us the brand and rated speed of the discs you’ve tried, and the speed you actually burned them?

Thanks. well the brands of discs i have been using are Sony, Maxell, Memorex, and i have used Verbatim. the maximum speed of Sony is 2.4x i have burned at 2.4x. the maximum speed of Maxell is 8x i have burned at 4x and 8x. the maximum speed of Memorex are 8x and 16x i have burned in 4x, 8x, 2.4x, and 16x. and still i get the same results. the burner never finishes its job.