DVD writer with DL, NEC or Sony or Lite-on?

Ok, I got the choices among NEC 2510a, Sony DRU-700a and Lite-on SOHW - 832S. Well, the price is still in my budget, so please choose for me… All i need is efficiency, wide compatible, true performance, reliable, writing features… Although the sony dvd writer is made by lite-on but sony’s front panel seems to be prettier than NEC and Lite-on. Thanks in advance…

Why don’t you do some research on those drives from this forum? Is it so hard? You’ll find that the Sony = LiteOn. Afterwards, you should decide for yourself.

Do you want to pay so much more for a pretty bezel?

That bezel is nice, but definitely overpriced.

Which usually costs US$1. :slight_smile: