DVD writer was working great, now it's not

I’ve recently purchased a Pioneer 111D 1.23 external drive. For the first few days it was working perfectly, not a bad disc and great quality burns.

Last night it starts having trouble and I’ve got a nice collection of coasters going.

I’ve tried three different kinds of media, Maxell 8x DVD-R, Sony 16x DVD-R, and Imation 16x DVD-R. The Maxells all burned perfectly. The Sonys were hit and miss, and I’ve yet to have a success with the Imation.

My original supply of Maxell is now gone, as are the Sonys. Tonight I bought anothe spindle of the same Maxell and none of them have worked so far.

I’ve been using Imgburn on all of them and can get logs if they would be helpful. Even though the first batch of Maxell burned fine at MAX speed, and all of the Sonys that worked were burned at MAX as well. I’ve tried slowing down the speed on the Imation but nothing has worked, same with the new batch of Maxell.

I understand the problem might lie with the firmware, but from what I’ve read it’s very diffcult to update it on an external drive, and honestly I’m scared to install it inside the PC because I’m not sure what I would be doing nor what I’m looking for.

This is driving me crazy. Is there anything else I could do or should I just give up completely?

Thank you in advance.

Please provide the mediacodes of the discs.

Find them out using dvd-identifier.

Make sure that your firmware is up-to-date for your Pioneer 111D 1.23 external drive. By updating your firmware you make your drive more compatiable with different media types.

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After a long and tedious struggle, the firmware is now updated to 1.29.

I’ve also now got some Verbatim discs with the ID of MCC-004-00.

It’s still not burning anything. I’ve changed the write speeds on the Verbatims, too, but still nothing. Imgburn won’t go past the writing leadin part. The first Verbatim I used did make it to writing image, however, but it never got past 0%.

Is there anything else I can do? I’m seriously tempted to exchange my writer for another one.

Is Dma enabled?

How to check.


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Check your warranty if all fails. What where you last doing before it starting heading south on you? Make sure you didn’t drop the burner during moving it around that can also damage the external unit. Firmware and good media does determine how good the burn is. But we do need to know what you were doing that lead up to the burner failing to write. What are you burning and what speed are you burning at?

I’m burning backups of my DVD collection. I’m using RipIt4Me and Imgburn. DMA is set, and to the best of my knowledge it hasn’t been dropped or anything. Unless my girlfriend broke it and isn’t telling me but I highly doubt that.

It seems to be a moot point now, however. Just returned from Best Buy and exchanged the burner for an identical one, and everything is burning without a hitch. The Verbatim DVD+Rs and the Imation DVD-Rs have both so far been perfect.

The first few days I had it, I was doing a lot of burning. This may sound dumb, but maybe I used it too much for too long?

And I haven’t updated the firmware in this drive. It’s still 1.23, but if it’s burning properly, and if I can stick with the Verbatim MCC lot once the Imations run out, will I even need to? Oh, and at first I was burning at MAX speed, and my first spindle of Maxells worked fine as did some Sonys. When I started having problems I tried fluxuating the speed, needless to say it didn’t work.

But right now it’s set on 8x, and everything’s cool. I’m going to pray this one doesn’t go down too. Thanks again, guys, I really do appreciate the help.

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It’s usually worth it to update the firmware just to get the drive to recognise more media and update the writing strategies.

After a long and tedious struggle, the firmware is now updated to 1.29.

Can’t see why that was. It should have been just a question of downloading it, then running it in Windows.