DVD Writer, that can handle SafeDisc 2.9 (and higher)


I need to replace one of my burners - and would like to get a DVD burner, that is capable of doing backups of CD’s protected with SafeDisc 2.9.
Any recommendations ? I’ve tried to search the forum, but haven’t been able to locate a clear indication whether e.g. Plextor 708A or 712A are able to handle this type of protection…

Anyone ?


My best guess will be that BTC and Lite-On are the only writers able to do this correctly.

But these are not the best writers in all areas - especially BTC is not worth considering.

I’ve already got a LiteOn LDW-811S but haven’t had any luck with this drive, using Alcohol 120% and CloneCD (anyway, the copy seems to run fine when running on a PC that has CloneCD installed - probably because it emulates the SafeDisc stuff ?)…


rduck unfortunetly for u the 811S drive was a crap drive and lite-on never tried to make it better. U should get the 832s. it copies safe disc well

The PX-712 doesn’t seem to be able to copy Safedisc 2.9 probably yet but hopefully Plextor will “fix” it.