DVD writer system requirements

newbie here…i’m planning to get an Asus DRW-1608P3S and i’m not sure if it will run on my pc:

win2000 pro SP4
ASUS board
P3 500Mhz - OC’d to 533
256 RAM
Primary HDD seagate SCSI 20Gb with 4Gb free
Secondary HDD 20Gb ATA seagate don’t know what RPM (iso files to be burned with a little amount of space about 1Gb)

and what software would run it. My main purpose is just to burn my files on a DVD. would it be able to run?

If you want to burn files it’s ok, but a little more ram wouldn’t hurt.

cool… what software should i use? i heard nero 7 has min requirement of 800Mhz…


I have a ‘backup’ computer with a PIII 450Mhz and 192MB of RAM w/Nero 7, and I’ve tried multiple burners in it and it does fine with 8x burning. It tops out at around 10x before IDE speeds cause buffer underruns. I suspect it will be similar with your system and that you’ll probably be ok with 8x at least, which is still only about 2 minutes slower than a 16x burn and a lot of 16x media burns best at 8x or 12x anyway.

There are also some freeware burning programs that work well, such as ImgBurn (mainly for burning ISO images, works well for burning ISO files made with DVD Shrink, etc.) and CD Burner XP Pro 3.

Vote for imgburn.

I think it should do fine, but you may have to write at slower speeds depending on the reading speed of your HDD or on your IDE/SCSI controller.

I’m writing DVDs at x6 (sometimes x8) on a P3 550MHz and an ASUS P2B motherboard. While my HDDs are capable of reading faster than x16, writing at >x8 never seemed to work fine, leading to constant software buffer underruns. Maybe it’s the software to blame, or maybe the IDE controller isn’t too good in dealing with heavy traffic fro/to two devices.

System requirements of software, like Nero, are typically only “suggestions”. Writing DVDs shouldn’t require much CPU at all, I believe.

cool cool cool… thanks for the replies…