DVD writer stopped working

Hi all,

Basically will keep it short and sweet;

I have a Lite-on DVD writer, a few years old, SOHW 1213S. The writer used to be perfect, no complaints but recently there is a error on the bootup of my PC.

On the boot / memory check screen it reports “No 80 IDE Conductor Cable Installed” or something along those lines.

Now the writer will read DVD’s and CD’s fine but cannot write on either. It will simply complete the writing process and not write anything to the disc.

There have been no modifications made to the PC since it was all working, no extra hardware or CD Writing software added.

Any ideas?

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Regarding your question, have you checked cables? Can you try to buy a new IDE cable?

To be sure that the drive is not damaged the best test is to install the drive on a different computer. If it give the same problem, then the drive is damaged.


check the IDE cable the drive is connected to and replace it (use an 80 wired UDMA cable). It seems, the cable is damaged or no longer properly attached.


Tested the drive using some external casing, believe the problem maybe the 40 pin wire?

Strange how it used to work ok and all of a sudden stopped!!!

All IDE connectors have 40 pins; new cables, however, have 80 wires, and are more reliable than old 40 wires cables.

Maybe you only need a new IDE cable to solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Just testing with another spare IDE cable I have found, quite old, I think it could be a case of a new cable, as the drive is working for reading discs.

CD just finished writing as I finished that paragraph, the result is…not working still…think a new cable…thanks guys :smiley:

Let us know if a new cable solve the problem :slight_smile: