Dvd writer stopped recognizing blank media.?

I have been backin up some dvd’s lately and using my HP dvd writer 400i i used dvd shrink and nero to burn. It was working just fine and then all of the sudden it wont recognized blank media, it will play dvd’s and other dvds. When i put a blank dvd +r in it doesnt automatically run and if i try to click on it in my computer (im using windows XP) it locks up and i have to ctrl-alt-del and end task. I have tried deleting the device and ide controllers and reinstalling them, reinstalling the burning software, everything i can think of.
Any suggestions will be appreciated greatly.

Have you tried with medias from different brands? If it happens all the time no matter what kind of media is inside, check the led and see if it’s having problem reading. Some where on the forum someone had problems similar to yours before. In the end it is determined that one of the laser heads broke and he had to RMA the drive.

But of course, you could always try a clean reinstall of the system.

yeah i tried verbatim and memorex. My led was just solid when i put the disk in, but now i have no LED at all

That looks like an indication of broken hardware to me. I don’t know if BenQ customer service takes responsibility for hp drives, too, but it won’t hurt by asking them. :wink:

go back to HP…and is the HP400I a benqOEM??..

Yeah i wasnt sure where to put this as, i donno what it is, if you could tell me how to find out i would appreciate it. When i go to device manager and CD/DVD Drives this is what i get

Did some search for you and apparently the HP 400i is a rebadged philips drive. So I guess you are sort of in the right board. You might also find this thread interesting.


its a philips OEM…