Dvd writer set as master on IDE 0?

Ok as my title states I have set my dvd writer as master on ide 0. Is this a good idear? The reason I have done this is becauce my OS is on a Sata drive. I also have a dvd rom on ide 0, which is set as a slave. Ide 1 has one HDD set on it and it is there as a master. The problem I am having is that when ever I copy a dvd and play it back it jumps and sticks like crazy. I have already checked the play back machines and they are fine. I am left only with two posobilitys ether my writer is on its way out or I have cocked up my hardware instalation. If i plan to use SATA as my first boot device, what should be on Ide 0? Can I put a dvd writer there or should it be a HDD? :confused:

I also have my OS on an SATA HDD, and at one time had both my optical drives on IDE0…they worked fine, it shouldn’t be a problem (unless you’re copying discs on the fly, in which case I’d suggest moving one optical drive to IDE1 as Master).

What you’re describing sounds like a media or burn speed problem - can you tell us the brand and rated speed of your discs, and what speed they were burned at?

Hi. They are Verbatim, and I let Nero decide how fast it wants to copy.
I also have loaded a new copy of XP that I allow to update itself. I have never had this problem before. All my copying software is the same. I was thinking my writer mite be on the way out? It reads fine, I can load games and play them with the disc in the machine, no problems. I still think my cofigaration mite be off? The two optic drives on IDE 0 ?

For movie backups, try reducing the burn speed to 8x - 12x and see what happens before messing with your config, as I said your set up should be fine. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure we have everything covered, what’s the make and model of your burner?