DVD writer recommendations

I am looking for a good SATA DVD writer that can perform reliable quality tests and for which patched firmware is available. I was looking for a Lite-on, but I can’t find any locally. Are there any other recommendations?

Asus crossflahed to Lite-on, or Plextor PX880SA (crossflashed or not) ?

I have got the same problem, unable to find “real” Lite-on locally…

Unfortunately Asus is not available locally either. I have seen only Plextor PX-880SA but the price is twice what most other writers sell. Is it really worth it?

Where do you live ?
If you want to perform disc quality scanning with jitter scan, you have to find a Lite-on (like I said, some Asus, Plextor, … are rebadged lite-on). If you just want a good burner that can perform quality scanning (without jitter), then maybe Optiarc AD-7240S could suit you ?