DVD Writer Recognition?

I have a HP dvd1170e External 22X Multiformat DVD Writer. I’m not at all good with these type of things, so forgive me if I’m wrong when I believe that it can burn DVDs (initially purchasing it for reading dvd purposes).

I’ve tried a bunch of different burners but none of them seem to recognize it except Nero. WinAVI either doesn’t detect any burner when I plug it in or it shows as “HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR-8483B” which I don’t understand at all. Nero detects “HP DVD Writer 1170d” but the option to burn it is grayed out. ImgBurn has “No Writers Detected” I’ve even tried ReaPlayer, and it says on the side that it could not locate a CD burner on my computer even when I select “Video (DVD/VCD) Burner”.

I’m getting really frustrated at this, so if anyone could offer any suggestions on what I could do, I would be very grateful. x.x

Hello, The first thing to be done is to check and see if the unit works at all. Try playing a DVD movie and see if the DVD works. Next, place a blank DVD in the drive and then see if the program see it. Make sure the DVD disk is blank and erase it if its a W/R disk. Again, if this doesn’t fix it and it played the DVD; you need to change out the DVD with another one. I have been using DVDFab and WinAVI to make my DVD’s and the drive shows up in the main menus.

The driver may be out as well. Try a driver scanner to see. Google it for freeware or Uniblue Driver scanner is excellent. Could be that simple or the drive itself may not be recognized in the USB port it is plugged into. A driver scanner will let you know either way if that is the problem.