DVD Writer Problem

I have bought a DVD Writer. I have installed the AnyDVD and the Clone DVD, also. I copied a lot of DVDs (more than 20) but when I tried to play via XBOX, DVD, and Computer DVD (PowerDVD) every movie stacked. Other movies stack early other stack near the end.
Then I used a DVD Decrypter before the DVD CLone but the result was the same.
I have a P4, with 1 G Ram and more than 10G free HD space.
What is the problem?

Please help me. I spend a lot of time for DVDs and DVD Writer but “my enjoy isn’t here”!

A sad voice from Greece!

please post what writer you have and which dvd’s you are using.
and at what speed do you burn?

by “stacked” i’m assuming you mean that they freeze? if they freeze during playback, it sounds like a media quality issue. who manufactures the dvds you’re using? you can find that info with dvd identifier.

My DVD Writer is LG GSA-4081B. I use the program DVD Clone 2.2 and Decrypter 1.10.

Is that freeze situation happens only on the movies which you have copied? what message gives your lg burner when you finished copying process?is there any failed message?
also what kind of dvd media you have?

Yes Gerekmez. Only in movies. And when finished the copy I have a message for succesfull operation. But when put a dvd in a dvd player or a computer or a XBOX, every movie plays and after a while freeze.
I used every type of DVD from any company.