DVD writer problem

HI all, i Have a lite-on DVD-Writer model SOHW-1693S and i keep having this problem, it burns an audio cd normally but when i play it it start skiping and the songs doesn’t sound like they should… so i was wondering if any of u guys can give an advice, suggestion or anything that i can do to solve this problem…

I’m using Nero 7 Ultra Edition…


The problems can be three:

  1. Nero 7 have still some problems in burning audio stuff

  2. You used a bad quality media or burned too fast; some cd readers are really picky, and burning at a lower speed usually solve this problem.

  3. Both the above are responsible of your problem

so which version of nero would u suggest ?? cuz i tried burning the cd on 32 and 24X and still the cd has some skiping, and i think it’s not the audio quality… thx btw

What media do you use? Maybe a bad quality disc is the real problem. Try to use a verbatim disc and see if this solve your problem.

Until now many users having problems in burning audio stuff with nero 7 soved their problems reverting to nero 6.

You can also try to use a different software.

Using nero you can create an image file (ISO or nrg), and then burn the image with cd-dvd speed or with ImgBurn. 24x should be fine.

I think the problem is with the disc cuz i own that burner and it works fine

it’s not the blank media im using, cuz today i burnt an audio cd using the real player burning tool and the disc doesn’t skip at all. so i guess i have to roll back to nero 6… or is there another burning tool better than nero ??

You can use Nero 6 to burn your audio files, or you can use Burrrn…I’ve heard it’s a very good little proggy!