DVD Writer problem

hey ppl.

I’ve had a strange problem when installing my DVD Writer. I already had a DVD drive in the computer before hand and it worked fine. Then the second i put the dvd writer in as well, the normal dvd drive stopped working. it’l open and close but it won’t read discs. I tried using a different dvd drive and it had the same problem. yet both the drives work in my other computer. could it be that the dvd writer is stopping all other drives from reading cds and dvds for copyright reasons? i’ve run out of ideas. so any help would be appreciated.

System Info - 2 IDE HDD, 1 DVD Writer, 1 DVD Drive.

I’ve updated both drives firmware, tried every possible master/slave secondary/primary combination and upgraded my os from win98 to winMe all to no effect

Can you please post the current master/slave setting for the drives?

Also did you enable detection of drives in the appropriate section of the system BIOS?

Currently the DVD Rom drive is Primary Slave and the DVD RW drive is secondary slave. The DVD RW drive works as Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary Slave the DVD Rom won’t work in any position. All drives are detected correctly by BIOS and Windows

DVD RW: Samsung 16x DVD+/-R/RW (TS H552B) FW=TS02
DVD ROM: Liteon 16x DVD Drive (XJ-HD166S) FW=DS1C

Mmmh…maybe a busmaster (driver) problem, but I am not sure. What motherboard do you have ?